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Six Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Posted by Truxel Dental Mar 29, 2023

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Bad breath can be unpleasant and embarrassing. It can make you feel self-conscious and insecure. Fortunately, most cases of bad breath can be easily treated.

Brush your teeth after you eat

When food particles linger in your mouth after eating, they can break down and cause bad breath. That’s why you should brush your teeth as soon as you’re done eating. If you don’t brush right after eating, the food particles will remain on and between your teeth for hours. If you can, use mouthwash to help clean your mouth and kill bacteria at the same time.

You can also use mouthwash in addition to brushing your teeth every day. It’s especially good to use it right before bed and right after you wake up because that’s when your breath is worst. That way, the mouthwash can kill any germs left behind while you sleep, which could cause bad breath the next day. Plus, if you have morning breath, rinsing with mouthwash in the morning will kill any bacteria that is collected when you sleep.

Change your toothbrush regularly

Don’t forget to change your toothbrush every three to four months. You don’t want the same bacteria to be transferred to your mouth time and time again. If you smoke cigarettes, consider changing your toothbrush even more frequently. Many smokers’ toothbrushes need to be replaced every two to three months because their smoking habit causes bacterial buildup on the bristles of their brushes.

Floss at least once a day

Make sure you are flossing at least once a day—ideally once at night before bed. You can choose to floss before or after brushing, but whichever option you choose, be sure that you’re always doing it! Skipping your nighttime flossing can result in plaque buildup while you sleep. 

Brush your tongue

Most people don’t know this, but brushing the tongue is very important when trying to get rid of bad breath. Tongue bacteria can cause halitosis and should be removed with a tongue scraper. Once you’ve scraped off all the mucus and food particles from the tongue, follow up with a thorough brushing of your entire mouth.

Clean dentures or dental appliances

Your dentist may recommend cleaning your dentures and dental appliances every night to keep them clean and prevent food from becoming stuck. Bacteria can build up on your dentures and lead to bad breath if you don’t thoroughly clean them. Talk to your dentist about the best method for cleaning your dentures or dental appliance.

Avoid dry mouth

Saliva helps clean your mouth by rinsing away food particles and neutralizing acids from foods and drinks that can cause bad breath. When you don’t produce enough saliva, your breath is more likely to have an unpleasant odor. Drinking water throughout the day can help moisten your mouth and wash away any lingering food particles. Another way to avoid dry mouth is to chew sugarless gum for a few minutes after eating or drinking anything besides water. Chewing gum increases the flow of saliva in your mouth, which can help wash away food particles that cause bad odors. If you notice that your dry mouth is caused by the medication that you are taking, talk to your doctor about alternatives. 

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