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Top Tips for Beating Dental Phobia

Posted by Truxel Dental Mar 02, 2023

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According to the American Dental Association, almost 30 percent of adults in the United States have real or perceived fear of going to the dentist. While it’s easy to ignore your dental health when you don’t have concerns, that negligence can lead to serious problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. Avoiding regular checkups can also cause more serious and costly problems down the road.

There are many factors that contribute to dental fear and anxiety. Some people experience discomfort from their childhood trip to the dentist’s office. Others fear the pain of getting their teeth cleaned or having cavities filled. In some cases, a person’s fear of needles is the cause of their anxiety. And some are fearful just of the unknown. When you go to the dentist for the first time, it’s hard to anticipate what will happen or what they’ll do.

Fear of the dentist is a real thing, but it’s important to remember your dentist is there to make your visit a comfortable and beneficial one. Most dentists have ways of helping patients feel more comfortable, including offering relaxation techniques like music therapy.

Also, be sure to communicate with your dentist about your fears and concerns about dental procedures. They may be able to work with you to find solutions.

Speak up about your fears

If you are feeling nervous or anxious at your dental appointment, tell your dentist about it! They want you to be comfortable during your appointment and will do whatever they can to help you stay calm and relaxed. If they know you are nervous about an upcoming procedure, they may be able to offer some helpful tips and tools to ease your fear.

For example, if you are afraid of needles and shots before an extraction, you may want to ask for a topical numbing gel to numb your gums before the anesthetic is administered. Then you will be numbed and won’t feel anything – it will just feel like pressure. Many dentists offer non-needle options for shots that are great for those who are terrified of injections.

You can also ask your dentist for a stress ball or a neck pillow if you have a sensitive gag reflex. These are both items that can help you feel more comfortable during your visit.

Be sure to let your dentist know about any fears you have prior to your mouth exam or any treatment you may be having done that day. This way, they can help you feel more at ease and safe during your appointment.

Agee on time

Agree ahead of time on a signal that you and your care provider can use when you’re getting uncomfortable. This could include raising your hand or signaling with a pen. By agreeing on a signal beforehand, you can bring up your concerns before you’re too far into the treatment.

Bring distractions

Sometimes, just knowing that you have something to distract you will significantly ease your fear. Bringing someone with you who will help distract you is another great way to minimize anxiety during a dental visit. Your family member or friend can talk to you and keep you distracted from your appointment. If you are taking a child to the dentist, make sure you have plenty of things for your child to do during the appointment. If your child is old enough to understand what is going on at his or her dental appointment, explain what is happening as you go. This will help the child feel a little bit in control. All of this distraction will also make it easier for the dental care professional to complete any necessary work he or she needs to do on your teeth!

Consider sedation dentistry

If you’re experiencing overwhelming fear, talk to your dentist about getting the care you need with sedation dentistry. Many dentists offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious medication to help patients feel a little more relaxed during their visit. Sedation can help you feel comfortable enough to make it through your appointment and receive the care you need. And it can work effectively alongside local anesthetics. Talk to your dentist about which options are best for you. 

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