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Dental emergencies can happen unexpectedly, at any time, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with the pain. Dr. Haytham Abbas of Truxel Dental Group proudly provides emergency services to West Sacramento and Rio Linda. Our Natomas dentist can help you manage the severe pain of a dental emergency.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are sudden injuries or pain affecting your dentition—that is, your teeth and gums. Some common dental emergencies are severe oral pain and knocked-out teeth.

Whenever a dental emergency strikes, call the emergency number of Truxel Dental Group: 916-333-2700. Dr. Abbas can help guide you through pain management and the replanting process for knocked-out, or avulsed, teeth on the phone. He will also schedule an appointment to help treat your condition. Because both prompt responses and proper preparation are necessary to treat such emergencies, you will generally be seen at our Natomas dental practice within twelve hours of your emergency call. Dr. Abbas can then splint the replanted tooth to support it, diagnose and treat the source of your oral pain, or otherwise treat your dental emergency effectively and immediately.

Emergency Root Canals and Crowns

Often, severe oral pain is a sign that a tooth has become severely infected. For infected teeth, one of the more common and effective treatments is a root canal.

Truxel Dental Group has the capacity to perform root canals on an emergency basis. Dr. Abbas can easily clean out the decayed pulp of a tooth, cleanse the abscess at the root, and fill the canal with biocompatible materials to seal off the root.

Once the procedure nears completion, Dr. Abbas will fit you with a crown that seals and protects the tooth. Many dental practices require two appointments in order to fabricate the crown and fit it to your tooth, but in emergency situations, requiring two appointments is not feasible. By providing the crown in the same appointment in a root canal, Truxel Dental Group helps you get the help you need as soon as you need it. By the end of the appointment, you’ll have a healthy, pain-free mouth once again.

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For the people of West Sacramento and Rio Linda, dental emergencies have just become a little easier to successfully treat. Our Sacramento dental practice in Natomas is proud to help people in their time of need, from avulsed teeth to painful situations.

If you need help with a dental emergency, call Truxel Dental Group at 916-333-2700!

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