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Haytham Abbas, DDS offers patients several restorative procedures, each with their own advantages. This includes offering one of the most widely-used dental restorations: dentures. Truxel Dental Group provides full and partial dentures in West Sacramento – Natomas, El Camino, Del Paso, and the surrounding Sacramento neighborhoods.

Partial Dentures

For some patients, a significant portion of the smile may be lost within one arch. However, the overall arch may still be present. In these instances, a partial denture will be used to restore gaps within the smile.

Partial dentures clasp around the remaining teeth for support. The prosthetic teeth are custom designed to fit comfortably into the smile, allowing them to effectively chew food and improve speech.

Full Dentures

For other patients, entire arches may be lost. All teeth may be missing, or existing teeth may be too unhealthy to save. Our dentist in Natomas will provide full dentures in these circumstances. The prosthetic is designed to look like natural teeth and gums to provide aesthetic benefit to the smile. Depending upon whether it rests in the upper or lower jaw, the denture will use either the mouth’s natural suction or a dental adhesive for support. 

Why Use Dentures?

There are a few alternatives to dentures: bridges can be used instead of partial dentures, and dental implants offer a different style of full denture. These options tend to be more secure than their denture counterparts. However, dentures can be more versatile than these other restorations.

A fixed porcelain bridge is a line of prosthetic teeth, with each end of the device containing a crown which anchors and supports the restoration. For these anchoring crowns to work, you must have healthy teeth bordering the gap of lost teeth, onto which those crowns are placed. On the other hand, partial dentures can be custom-made to function the way you need them to as long as there are any healthy teeth in the arch for support.

Dental implants can host full dentures and grant them added stability. However, dental implants can be difficult to obtain because they are not covered by insurance. Additionally, dental implants cannot be successfully added to the smile if the density of your jaw bone is too low. In contrast, dentures are usually covered under insurance and not reliant on the health of the jaw bone.

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Truxel Dental Group provides full and partial dentures to patients in Natomas, El Camino, Del Paso, and other Sacramento neighborhoods. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with us, please contact our staff at our Sacramento dental practice today!

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