Restorative Dentistry in Sacramento

Today’s dentistry has many ways to preserve teeth, and even when decay or trauma affect your smile, dentists have many techniques to restore health. Whether dentition is affected by decay or more severe damage, there is no dental condition professionals cannot treat. 

Dr. Haytham Abbas helps people with restorative dental procedures that treat a variety of dental ailments. Truxel Dental Group serves people in Sacramento and surrounding communities, so they can have enduring and healthy smiles. 

Restore Health to Teeth with Composite Fillings, Inlays, and Onlays

Tooth decay is a frequent issue found in dentition, and Dr. Abbas uses digital x-rays to detect even the smallest cavities. Early treatment of tooth decay is an effective way to prevent more critical dental problems from developing. 

Composite resin fillings blend in with the natural color of enamel. They are affixed onto teeth with a curing lamp. This treatment is a favorite of dentists because it allows for the preservation of maximum tooth structure.

For teeth with more advanced decay, Dr. Abbas may recommend dental inlays or onlays. After the removal of decay, an impression of the tooth is taken. A lab tailors a prosthetic to replace the part of the tooth that was damaged. Inlays and onlays are made of strong porcelain, and bond securely onto the tooth. They restore both the function and the appearance of teeth with a beautiful result.

Protect Your Smile at Truxel Dental Group with Root Canal Therapy and Gorgeous Crowns 

If decay has reached the inner chamber, or pulp, of a tooth, then Truxel Dental Group may recommend root canal therapy. This restorative treatment removes bacteria from the tooth’s pulp, preventing infection in surrounding teeth and the entire body. Root canal therapy allows teeth with advanced damage to continue functioning, and it prevents the need for tooth extractions. 

Usually after root canal therapy or other significant trauma to teeth, Dr. Abbas restores function to smiles with a beautiful porcelain or ceramic crown. Crowns encase a damaged tooth, protecting it from further harm and allowing the root to remain intact. They shine with the luminosity of natural enamel and preserve the tooth’s full force of chewing. 

Several Options for Patients with Tooth Loss 

Although tooth loss happens far less frequently than it used to, sometimes it cannot be avoided. There are several ways to treat tooth loss.  

Dental Implant restorations are the most effective tooth replacement available because they permanently restore both the tooth root and the tooth with a prosthetic that looks and feels natural. Implant posts function like tooth roots, and they support a crown that is matched to surrounding teeth. Patients can replace a single tooth, a row of teeth, or a complete arch of teeth. 

Fixed bridges are a permanent treatment for the loss of one to three teeth. First, adjacent teeth are fortified with crowns so they can be a secure anchor to the prosthetic tooth. Then the bridge of pontic crowns are cemented to the anchoring teeth. The entire bridge is matched to the surrounding color of teeth and it restores function to your bite.  

Partial Denture and Dentures are removable prosthetics made of acrylic. They can replace a row of teeth or a full arch. Partial dentures remain secure with metal hooks clasped onto neighboring dental structures, and full sets of dentures rely on adhesive paste to attach to gums. Dentures have a beautiful aesthetic and they restore many of the functions of natural teeth. 

Dr. Haytham Abbas at Truxel Dental Group in Sacramento for Expert and Gentle Dental Care

If you are seeking ways to keep your smile healthy with restorative dental techniques, contact Truxel Dental Group in Sacramento. Dr. Haytham Abbas and his team of dedicated dental professionals treat patients with compassion and respect, and they give people a smile that radiates health and beauty.

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