Compassionate Root Canal Therapy in Sacramento

If your tooth is causing you pain, you need swift, effective treatment from a reliable dental team. At Truxel Dental Group, we provide root canal therapy in Sacramento to help patients find relief and save their teeth. Our dental experts have been carrying out root canal treatments for many years and will deliver excellent services.

Our practice uses modern dental technology and techniques to make root canal treatment efficient, fast, and comfortable. We'll take time to examine your oral condition and explain the restorative options ideal for your situation. With our emergency root canal therapy, we will restore functionality and save your teeth. Contact our Sacramento office today to book your appointment with our dentist.


What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a treatment used to treat an infected tooth and prevent the need for an extraction. Our dentist will remove the infected inner tissue, known as the pulp, and cleanse the root canals of bacteria. Once completed, the tooth will be free of pain, and its functionality will be restored.

Some patients may be nervous about the idea of having root canal therapy. However, modern techniques and understanding have made this procedure safer and highly effective. For most patients, the experience is not much different from getting a filling or crown. At our practice, we provide skilled root canal therapy to help you find relief from pain and stop the infection from progressing. We use a combination of local anesthetics and nitrous oxide to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

A root canal treatment can help save a badly damaged or infected tooth. The tooth can become damaged or infected by decay, injury to the tooth, or cracked fillings. All of these may cause damage to the pulp, allowing bacteria to infect the tooth down to the root. Some of the signs that you may need emergency root canal treatment include:

  • Severe toothache while chewing
  • Tender and swollen gums
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Swelling of the neck and face
  • Persistent pimple on gums or hole in your tooth

Knowing what symptoms to look out for can assist in expediting treatment and preventing more serious issues. Our dentists will examine your teeth to determine whether you need a root canal or would benefit from other treatment options.

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy?

Sacramento root canal therapyWhen you visit our office, we will take an x-ray of the tooth to determine if you have any infection. Based on the extent of the tooth infection, our dentist will determine whether you need root canal therapy or not. If your infection is severe, we will give you antibiotics that will reduce the amount of infection before we start treatment. If it is moderate, we can perform the root canal and provide antibiotics after treatment to clear the remaining infection.

During root canal therapy, an access point is created in the tooth to allow removal of the diseased tissue. The root canals are then thoroughly cleaned and filled with an antibacterial material that adds support. Once the tooth is filled, our dentists will cap the tooth with a temporary crown while we send impressions to a lab to fabricate a permanent crown. The turnaround time for the permanent crown is one week.

What to Expect After Root Canal Therapy

You should not be alarmed if you feel soreness or discomfort after your root canal. This is normal and will decrease over the next few days. Over-the-counter pain relievers can effectively eliminate any discomfort and pain. Whenever necessary, our dentist can prescribe stronger medication. To prevent further decay, you should continue practicing good dental hygiene, including brushing and flossing.

Should I Visit the Dentist After the Root Canal Treatment?

Ensure you make follow-up appointments with the dentist after your root canal. During the healing period, the tooth is highly vulnerable and sensitive and is at a higher risk of fracturing. Our dentist will perform regular exams to ensure your tooth is healing correctly and has no post-procedure complications.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Sacramento

If you are experiencing tooth decay or infection or suffer from tooth pain, our dentists can help. At Truxel Dental Group, we provide root canal treatment in Sacramento to provide the relief you need. Our dentists will strive to provide you with same-day treatment during office hours so that we can identify your needs quickly and help you get back to enjoying a healthy smile. Contact our office today to book your appointment for Sacramento root canal therapy.



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